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dl2 mmg aku suka tgk drama korea...winter sonata, full house tu antara drama yg aku layan...pastu zmn blaja aku pun BFF a.k.a roomate aku layan cerita korea....tu dlm 8 thn yg sudah...now sejak ada astro beyond ni aku terjebak alik ngan cerita korea...tajuknya 

First Wives Club

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start terjebak tgk cerita ni last week...skrg ni br tgk dlm 8 episod...klau x silap aku ada 104 episod (base on google)...cerita dia nice...sesuai utk org yg berkeluarga...klau x silap cerita ni thn 2007 rsnya...maknanya dah 5 thn cerita nie...nak sinopsis kat bwh ni...aku ambik dr URL ni:

Brief Synopsis
Wives usually sacrifice their lives for the good of the family. However, a one sided sacrifice won't keep the relationship going forever... What is real happiness, love, and truth? This drama will try to answer this question through the characters in this story. When a couple of wives discover that their husband's hearts are with other women, they decide to form their own 1st Wives Club and take matters into their own hands!
Bok-soo (actress Kim Hye-sun) put her husband through medical school by earning a living as a fish seller but her husband does not feel grateful about it and looks down on her instead. She learns that her brother, who is married to her best friend Hwa-shin (actress Oh Hyun-gyung), is having an affair with another woman but she tries to cover it up. When she learns that her husband, Ki-jeok (actor Oh Dae-gyu) is having an affair with a former girlfriend, she finally empathizes with her friend's plight. Her mother, who had to endure an unhappy marriage due to a cheating husband, joins Bok-soo's and Hwa-shin's plan to get revenge on their unfaithful husbands.
nice story dan byk suka duka (base on 8 episod yang dah aku tgk) ... n now my hubby pun dah terjebak sama...syokkk oooo tgk sama2 ngan hubby...bg pengajaran utk kita kuatkan lg hubungan kekeluargaan...

^0^ x sbr nak wait until end...klau ada yg blh download lg best aku tgk ;p ^0^

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